4 Ecommerce Websites Built with Exquisite Designs

Most of the ecommerce sites pay less heed to designs. Perhaps, this is one of the most common mistakes that online merchants make. Having an ecommerce website doesn’t necessarily mean that one needs to stuff it with products and offers. In fact, over stuffing results into more confusion and this confusion can compel your customers to leave your site and go to some other site that has more clarity in their content presentation.

Therefore, it is equally important that you pay importance to the design of your ecommerce site. If you’re looking for some inspiration, then given below are examples of four absolutely spectacular sites that showcase exquisitely designed ecommerce sites and would inspire you to pay heed to the design aspect of your site.

Magnolia Bakerymagnolia-bakery website
This bakery was credited for starting ‘cupcake craze’ in 1990’s. With the gradual passage of time, this supposed-to-be little neighborhood bakery has grew large and has made an online presence in a grand way. Its ecommerce site looks like a miniature shop that displays its specialties in a beautiful way. Its home page sends into your sense a pleasant odor of its freshly baked cupcakes. Subtle colors, clear product images and proper placement – the posh ecommerce site of the posh Manhattan bakery stays true to its brand name.

Big Brown Boxbigbrownbox website
This Sydney based online retailer of audio visual products knows how to entice its visitors and what to provide them with. Just one look at its home page will give you a clear picture of everything. It isn’t just the navigation and the content placement that will impress you, but it is also its way of displaying its offers and popular products. The banners are accompanied with short descriptions on the left hand side.

etsy website

Clean, clear and crafty – Etsy has got everything that is required to make your visitors gawk at it. This ecommerce site deals with vintage items and arts and crafts supplies too. The design of the site speaks everything on behalf of it. One single glance at it is enough to make you realize what the site is all about. What you’ll love most about the site is its no-nonsense design. Neither does it overlook the design factor nor does it suppress the importance of product display factor of ecommerce site.

Threadlessthreadless website
This is one of the most awesome ecommerce sites that a designer can come across. Well, one reason for this can be the fact that this site is made for the designers. This very fact is clearly reflected in the design of the site. Splashed with vivid, vibrant colors, this site not only enables a person to shop for the best designs, but also allows a visitor to turn into a designer by making his or her own design and submit it. There’s lot more to this ecommerce site then shopping. The site literally tells you that you are meant to have fun here.

While these sites will make you realize that ecommerce site design is fun, it will also make your realize that it is not a cakewalk and you need to give ample time to make your site come alive just as the above mentioned sites did. A wise option for this would be to design competent designer who would be visualize your site from your perspective and build ecommerce website accordingly.


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