Magento as an eCommerce Platform

With advancements in technology, it has become essential for businesses to upgrade their online services. There are many eCommerce platforms that cater to these services, but no platform makes waves like Magento does.

Magento web development services are the most widely used of its kind. It is a software application which is written in PHP and is closely merged with the Zend framework. A lot of websites rely on Magento web development programming, and they are hell bent to use the software as a tool for developing their eCommerce site.

This platform help a web developer to create a flaw less eCommerce website and further allow them to customize and integrate various features in such websites. Retailers can integrate a Magento Shopping cart into their websites as it has a wide range of benefits. The platform has precise architecture with a strong framework with framework integration, which is very easy to use for the Magento shopping cart development.

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Why integrate Magento in Websites?
It is one of the most user-friendly shopping carts available, in our time. It is highly renowned and sophisticated, making it one of the best platforms for a perfect commercial solution.

• Magento is an open source platform, making it absolutely free to use. Their top-notch developers provide the best results possible, catering to every customer need.

• Magento provides various payment options, through the shopping cart. The process of money transaction is made very smooth and gives the best shopping experience for the Magento shopping cart developers.

• Magento offers customization services to your website, fulfilling all the business needs and requirements and the functionality that the site requires.

• This platform helps keep track of stored data and sales figures. It’s like a cakewalk for magento to manage it all from one place. The site is provided with reports and stats at one’s fingertips whenever they like. All this is made possible by magento’s centralized database architecture.

• The software can provide the best admin service which can’t be seen in any other open source system. With Magento, you get a benefit of a much more customer friendly interface, with an advantage of having customized solutions.

• Magento helps online businesses get the maximum coverage for the site, but that’s not all. It also helps in getting in quality traffic to the website. Magento serves the best functionality along with SEO friendly features, setting the business’ website apart.

Magento eCommerce websites are a perfect combination of appeal, brain and power. The easier an eCommerce website is to use, the more conveniently it will be to turn visitors into clients, and hence the customers will tend to spend more. There are unique features the software offers.

• Magento eCommerce Development
• Theme design and development
• Customization
• Online Store
• Payment Gateway Integration
• Support and maintenance

With an endless number of attractive features, the magento shopping cart enhances the shopping experience. Magento web development will be the ultimate solution for businesses, providing websites with the utmost flexibility, simplifying the process of eCommerce.

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IndiaNIC is Bronze Magento Solution Partner – Build an Invincible Online Store

magento developer at indianicIndiaNIC is Gets Promoted to Online Store Magento Bronze Solution Partner and offer Magento eCommerce development and software integration which core competencies and has unique web design and integration services in variety of industry verticals, it’s still working to widen the scopes of its Magento development services as a Magento Bronze Partner. With the assistance of Magento web development, creation of such sites becomes easy and hassle free.

Magento team at IndiaNIC Build a Brand, not Only a Online Store or Website

Our Experienced developers have expertise and sound knowledge that help them to deal with the craps and ensure optimum utilization. Besides cutting out the crap and giving you a flawless site, a Magento developer can also assist in making your site fit for its expansion; thus, adding more flexibility and scalability.

Let’s see how Magento helps you in building a store that helps you to build your brand.

  • A Robust Module System
  • Search Engine Friendly Sites
  • Neat Documentation
  • Hire Magento Developers for Optimum Utilization

In short, calling in the Magento experts shall free you from the worry of getting a dynamic, durable store and also from the tension of maintaining and updating it. However, if you want to cut down the cost, then you should hire developers from offshore web development centers where you’ll get the needed expertise at economical rates.

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Hire Dedicated PHP Web Developer from India: Hiring Benefits

Website plays a vital role in deciding the success of any business. From promoting products to enhancing the sales, website is the ultimate medium to achieve these in the competitive market. More than anything else, businesses are focusing on superior website development and design strategies. With more than one option available online, businesses have to think for the tool that fulfils both the company’s and client’s desires. And, PHP is one such website development tool.

Hire Dedicated Programmer from IndiaPHP web development is a stable technology that is smart enough to develop dynamic websites for business. This is an open source programming language that will assist businesses to produce customized website. Moreover, PHP web development services are cost-effective, user-friendly and secure for developing the website and its applications.

With the aim of quality and cost-effective PHP services, various businesses are outsourcing their website requirements to India. PHP website development in India is running at its good pace. The PHP developers are well-acquainted with latest updates on PHP, and excel in creating dynamic websites for their clients.

Moreover, PHP developer in India is experienced and well-versed with PHP rapid application development. Other than developing a website from scratch, developers are proficient in customizing your existing website in a manner that it will showcase your business goals & targets your customers. Let’s have a look at how a business can benefit by outsourcing PHP services to Indian developers.

Benefits of Hiring PHP Developer from India

  • Business seeking for web developments services will have option to hire developer on weekly and hourly basis
  • The developers are proficient in PHP language as well as in English, thereby it is easy for you to communicate and put your website requirements clear
  • Developers are trained in using technical solutions like CMS and CRM for website development that helps in enhancing the ROI
  • For your assigned projects, you can get weekly or monthly report from PHP programmers and can make modifications whenever needed
  • Other than developing your website, there is always a back-end maintenance services to support the software development program.
  • They are highly professional, and aim to deliver the assigned project on decided time
  • They deliver quality website development that ensures your sales as well as ROI enhancement

Apart from this, on hiring services from India, businesses will save up to 60% of their general production cost. Hence, PHP developer from India promises the best financial decision for your organization. The developers have better ideas and different ways to convince your customers. Your website will be more user as well as search engine friendly.

In addition, there are many different types of web applications that you can get developed from PHP developers. Here are some types of PHP web applications that you may get developed from developers.

  • eCommerce web applications
  • Content Management Services (CMS)
  • Custom web applications
  • Social Networking applications
  • Job portals
  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  • Intranet web applications
  • Hybrid web applications

Hence, depending on your business requirement, you can get the web application developed from PHP programmer of your choice. The benefits offered by PHP web development solution makes it easy for a developer to render quality as well as profitable solutions to clients. In addition, before making any final decision on hiring, you can always visit the company and can observe the workflow to have a clear picture of the website development process. You can always monitor the hired team of programmers. Hence, signing up developers from India is surely going to benefit your organization.

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Hire a Magento Web Developer – To Gain Edge in Magento Site Development

Magento developers offer ‘A’ grade quality development. They develop ecommerce solution those are cross browser compatible, W3C validated, clean and table-less codes. Magento developers offer SEO friendly development means they use alt tags for all product images. Content is search engine friendly and have Meta tags, titles, etc. Pages generate SEO friendly URLs.

hire a magento developersHiring a reliable Magento developer is the most preferable solution to get pixel perfect work without compromising any quality standards. Outsourcing companies offer flexible hiring schemes. You can hire a Magento developer at full time, part time or on hourly rates which is quite cost saving measures.

Magento is a feature rich solution. The standard version of Magento contains all features required to implement a good ecommerce store. Basics such as the shopping cart, catalog management, search, checkout and administration functions are all included.

Magento is flexible and allows us to modify existing features or add in new ones. Integration of other platform is easy. There are tools which allow you to import products, customers and other information from other carts such as OSCommerce and X-Cart.

Magento has growing community of developers who provides continues support. Magento has in built excellent architecture. Due to these all features Magento attracts the retailers. If you want to develop Magento solution you have to hire a Magento developer. It is advisable to hire a developer from a reputed outsourcing company. This is because they offer highly competitive rates. India like countries has abundance of skilled developers. There are currency differences between the countries which play significant part to lower the rates.

Online retailers who afford their own websites prefer Magento for their ecommerce solutions. Magento is popular among the developer community due to following reasons. It is an opensource so there is no license fee for the developments and no initial investment. It allows developer community to understand how it works to fix things and add new features.

Communication is vital thing. You should keep contact with your Magento developer and there are many ways to communicate with them like emails, live chats, instant messengers, international calling system, etc. You should respond your developer quickly and many times prepared in advance so you can satisfy their requirements at proper time and save their time and your money.

For robust development of your Magento project you should hire an experienced and reliable developer from a reputed outsourcing company.

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Majestic WordPress Development – Indeed Best Way To Get Through IndiaNIC

As WordPress offers the simple and easy way platform that enables every custom requirement that meet with or without any limitation or instruction and is very much user-friendly as well. WordPress platform is very much user friendly as to the SEO team and helps the customers to locate their need very easily. Currently WordPress is the largest self hosted blogging tool on the Internet so when such a wonderful platform is available with such an ease one should definitely grab the opportunity to communicate through. WordPress tool indeed to capture the opportunity in the business through communication as well as by fulfilling other customers need accordingly.

So for the development of this gigantic platform one should indeed the professional developers in the service so that they can strategically built the platform and enhance your system drastically. For CMS (Content Management System) WordPress is the most appropriate solution so one can gain the massive opportunity through communication and one not needed to put many effort as all things are ready to use on this majestic platform.

Offshore outsourcing company IndiaNIC is the most appropriate choice to hire the professional developers for building WordPress platform. Professional developers will add technicalities and make it full of functionalities with an ease so that you don’t have to put much efforts. IndiaNIC is the name for trust and reliabilities and IndiaNIC is the best option to hire a team of developers as they will provide you the best quality with the minimum price rate like nowhere else.

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Why Open Source Web Development Is So Much Preferred by Businesses?

Web designers and developers prefer open source development because it permits them to study and customize site in their own ways. They can learn so many things at absolutely free of cost. Besides developers, open source development has become extremely popular among all those businesses that are looking to thrive in the Internet with the help of extensive websites. Such businesses highly prefer open source software for designing and development of their sites, and they have some strong reasons to do so.

Let’s see what are those reasons that make open source website development so popular among businesses.

Cutting-edge Tools at Free of Cost
PHP communities have served the web world with lots of open source frameworks like WordPress and Joomla. These frameworks feature plenty of savvy development tools that help web developers accomplish their tasks precisely and easily. The best thing is all these tools are available at free of costs, which enables other person to save ample amount of money, which is certainly not possible with a proprietary software.

Freedom from Vendor Lock-in
If you have ever dealt with proprietary software, then probably you are aware of the frustration that vendor lock-in gives you. For every other tool or technology, you have to carry the burden of terms and conditions along with expensive licensing fees. Moreover, there is a lack of portability and the degree of customization is also restricted. Open source development saves a person from all these hassles.

Easy to Scale
As your business grows in size, it becomes important for you to add scalability to your website too. Since, in open source development, you do not have to deal with obstacles of proprietary software; adding scalability to your site becomes easier and faster. Further, there are pre-designed templates and layouts, which make this task hassle-free and less tedious.

All-in-One Variations
WordPress, the open source PHP based software that is chiefly considered as an excellent blogging tool, can be used to build an entire website, and it can also be used as a CMS. This all-in-one provision is one of the outstanding features of open source software. Though, there are software like Magento that are specifically meant for only one type of development, most of the open source software can be used for multiple purposes. Therefore, whether you want a personal blog, an extensive corporate site or a simple static site – one robust platform can cater to all your requirements.

Most of the open source software are supported by great communities, and these communities act as great support for site owners. If your website is built with open source software, then you do not need to worry because the communities and forums tend to answer most of your questions. The owner might be a non-technical person, but the communities at least guide you through the basic problems.

Flexibility and durability of open source software are other reasons that encourage site owners and businesses to hire open source developers for their task. It is because of the diligence of these software that motivate big brands to hire open source frameworks for their sites.

Tips for Business Owners and Ecommerce Web Design Features

The main motive behind doing business for any business enterprise is to earn profit which justifies their investments. And for achieving this, the online presence as well as recognition is essential to stand apart from those competitors. Your online recognition and popularity depends on your official website designs. Especially for the business enterprise who are engaged in selling products and artifacts, the website designs plays important role. The ecommerce is a great way to draw online shoppers to your business website. According to a recent survey almost 76% of the entire time of users is spent on the Internet, surfing and looking for desired product. This is where the business enterprises can make the effective use of eCommerce for enhancing their sales and revenue.

eCommerce Web Design for Online BusinessThe eCommerce offer various imperative tools that help companies to represent their products and services in an attractive manner to the users. This is a smart business strategy for those who are indulged in retail business. The eCommerce web design aims not only to lure visitors but, it also holds them to your website for long time.  It has great set of impressive designs that reflects your business philosophy and vision. It incorporates following features, which make sure that your online store is always running on a great pace among competitors.


  • Great navigation
  • Well-organized layout
  • Clear and market friendly content
  • User-friendly interface
  • Ease of maintenance, No complexity
  • Secure payment gateways
  • Large array of sophisticated professional designs

Tips for Business owners—What Your Website Should Entail
Your website design plays important role in enhancing your business’s reliability and reputation. Picking up the right web design becomes tricky sometimes. Here are some tips that will assist you in knowing what all are the qualities your website should entail. Following these tips will ensure that you enjoy great returns on investments.

Ease of Swapping
While shopping, one of the most frustrating things about online websites is difficult page swapping. Users surf the desired product and lend on your website with a purpose of buying. And, in this attempt of searching if they get lost on your website, they will immediately close your website and switch on to other. Remember, there are many online stores other than yours. So, you have to make sure that your website provides an ease of navigation that helps users to decide where to go and that too on what page. Also, the swapping option should be available on each page at same position.

Less Complexity
The designing of your website should be with user-friendly color combination. You should avoid using complex and hard to understand eCommerce layout design. This will enhance the chances of visitors to convert into payable customers for your business. For making your website more versatile, it would be better if you hire eCommerce website designer from a reputed company.

Genuine Interface
The only motive behind doing business is earning profit. Let’s face it- if you want users to play with their hard earned cash, it is highly essential for your website to entail genuine interface for users. The users must feel that the products and artifacts are from the trusted source. Moreover, make sure that the payment options are secure to give your customer ease of satisfaction.

Shopping Cart Visibility
It is highly recommended to have loud and clear shopping cart visibility for the customers. Make sure that the shopping cart is available for users all the time no matter whether they are viewing products or buying it. Moreover, in your web design you may also embrace different section for promotion for enticing appropriate customers to your site. You can place special offers, sale, and discount with compelling eCommerce website designs.

The eCommerce web designing tips all alone cannot promise a great deal of customers as well as revenue. There is difference between knowing things and implementing things. Following these tips and hiring skilled professional from a reputed company is surely going to serve the purpose. Hence, if you are planning to build new website or want to revolutionize the existing one, hire ecommerce website designer and make your online store effective with all advanced and secured features. And, make sure that your developed website follows at least above-mentioned tips and features.

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